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Founded August A.D. 2000

November 2008

New Millennium Oral History Archives (www.oralhistoryarchive.org) has begun work on a documentary video on the impact of the election of Barack Obama (now President-Elect Obama). The national and global outpouring of awe, affection and goodwill for what many see as a new beginning and potentially transformation of the and potentially transformation of the American politics has been quite unexpected-coining a neologism, Obamamania.

The Archives will conduct an oral history and video interviews with people from all walks of life (here in the States as well as elsewhere) of the meaning of the 4 November 2008 election and what it means for them, their families and their hopes and dreams for better, kinder world.

We, at New Millennium Oral History Archives, are asking all individuals, companies, organizations, foundations, institutions, corporations, and any other outfits to help us record this historical moment. There are, of course, opportunities for all supporters to be sponsors and get signage. 
We can speak to you concerning you in advance for your support this. As always, the Archives thank you for your support.

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